Nestled on a 90 acre site in the suburbs of Middletown, NY, Northern Summer Camp at Northern Academy offers campers (ages 9 through 18) an opportunity to forge new friendships while choosing from a variety of programs in the sciences, classical arts, and outdoor adventures.

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Our programs span a broad range of interests. The center of this experience, however, rests on improving body, mind, and spirit.

We know that authentic, traditional arts place emphasis on improving the artist’s inner quality and character. We believe that with a noble character, young talented students can become more effective learners in all areas—because they improve their focus and self-discipline.

Northern Summer Camp strives to provide a healthy and supportive environment that challenges young people to learn new skills and nurtures their passion for classical arts, science, culture, and nature skills.

Kitchen & Nutrition
  • Award winning chefs
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Healthy home made meals
  • Meat and vegetarian dishes
  • Fruit, salad, and various vegetables are served daily
Residential services
  • On-campus boarding
  • Home-like dorm housing
  • 24/7 supervision by resident teachers
  • Healthy routine

See Sleepaway Camp for more information.

See class schedule summary in 2023 Summer Camp Tuition & Fee Schedule (PDF)

We have collaborated with our students and community to establish three significant policies to limit distractions:

  1. We encourage smart use of technology, and limit the use of personal electronic devices on school grounds. (See Electronics Policy.)
  2. In order for our students to have the time to become fully developed people, we discourage intimate relationships. (See Student & Parent Handbook.)
  3. To function effectively, protect its members, and respect their rights, student conduct that may be disruptive, unproductive, unethical, or illegal will not be tolerated. All students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct and violations will be imposed in accordance with the discipline measures indicated in the Code, as well as in the school’s Discipline Matrix.

Our highly credentialed and caring instructors are dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for every student. Our dance and music instructors, for example, completed their professional studies at premier conservatories or performed at the world’s most prestigious theaters.

Mr Al Whitted
Adventure Program Director

For 15 years, Mr. Al Whitted was the owner and director of an adventure camp. Prior to joining Northern Academy of the Arts, Mr. Whitted was also the program director of an NC traditional day camp.